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Value in the Good/Bad/In-Between Art

I'm using my poetry to raise funds to save a lovely independent press


Hosted by Tupelo Press

This ain't your average internet challenge, this is a meditation, a prayer:


For 30 days (and 30 nights) I'll be writing a poem a day and plastering them on the internet, on postcards, in emails and texts. These words will be incomplete and unedited, fresh out the oven every day. This will be a practice of relinquishing perfection, raising up the good/bad/in-between art. I'm doing this in community with a cohort of other bold writers. All the while, I will be raising funds to support an nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary independent press that I have fallen in love with.


Tupelo Press publishes exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise. All the funds contributed to this campaign go to them, helping the press place more powerful words in gorgeous books.


I invite you to give where you're able and share share share. I also invite you to join in on this effort with me. Try putting your stuff out there!

p.s. i believe there is no bad art, that doesn't mean i have to like everything

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